Point Lookout, Long Island, New York, U.S.A.

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Time Line
Courtesy My Point Lookout

1700Doxsees settle on Long Island
1721 A whalemen 'Lookout' station is maintained on what is now Point Lookout
1872 Coast Guard Station established on what is now Point Lookout
1900s The Nassau Cottage & Realty Company establishes a summer colony called Nassau-by-the-Sea
1901 Steamers run from Freeport to Long Beach and Nassau-by-the Sea
1904 27 cottages or bungalows in Nassau-by-the Sea Boats leave Freeport's Woodcleft dock for Nassau-by-the-Sea
1909 State Senator William H. Reynolds buys the land that is now known as Long Beach Island
1912 A sketch, made by a civil engineer for State Senator Reynolds, shows the following buildings on what is now PointLookout: Guhl's Dock, Hotel, and Pavilion; Ellison's Hotel and Pavilion; the US Coast Guard Buildings; and 25 bungalows.
1918 Nassau-by-the-Sea wiped out by fire. Myers hotel, a two-story building, 40 one-story bungalows, the Post Office, and the boardwalk were destroyed
1920s Senator Reynolds sells the east end of Long Beach for development - Point Lookout is born

MyPointLookout.com dedicates this timeline to Point Lookout historians past, current, and future. The content presented here was primarily gathered from lots of fun conversations with Rosemary Dowling, Audrey Brown, and Bob Doxsee and from research done at the Point Lookout Historical Society.