Point Lookout, Long Island, New York, U.S.A.

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Old Timers Tale by Tom Dier, 1951
Originally published in The Community Outlook, August 1951

The summer of 1920 was very hot and one day in August there was a big crowd visiting the Beach.  In the afternoon they started back and all wanted to be first to get on the ferry boat.  It was low tide.  The gangway gave way and about twenty of them went into the water.

One of the residents was all dressed up because he was going to the city.  He fell in and in getting out he picked up a little boy out of the water.  I heard the commotion and started for the dock. The man was coming up the walk with the little boy in his arms.

He said,"Tom, take care of the kid, as I have to go back to the house and change my clothes".  He did not go to the city that day.  I took the boy and dried him and took him home as his folks lived near by.

No one was hurt and they all got aboard the boat to go to Freeport in their wet clothes. The little boy is a big man now and is living here on Glenwood Avenue. The man who took him out of the water visits here once a year, and he always talks about the wetting he got.