Point Lookout, Long Island, New York, U.S.A.

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Point People

Point People




(there's only one!)

(celebrating her Birthday summer 2003)

Contributed by her daughter Joan Brown


Baysider's Jam Band
Summer 2003



Janice Fisher
July 2003

Contributed by Barb Fiorillo

Mike Sheldon & Brian Crowe 
enjoy a  joint surprise 
50th Birthday Party
May 3, 2003



Gina Bono Jenkins and daughters
July 4, 2002

Contributed by Proud Grandpa John Bono

Mary Donahue's Grandchildren
July 2002

Contributed by Shari Brunell

May 2002 

A rainy Saturday in the Point didn't stop Kate Crowe and her friend Marie from a walk held at Jones Beach on May 18th to benefit children of Hospice patients.  Hospice is the organization that provides home care enabling terminally ill people to spend their final days at home, with family. Way to go Kate & Marie!

For more on Hospice of New York click here.

Photo contributed by John Crowe

John Crowe & Julie McGrath
Party at the Rescue House, 1990's

Photo contributed by the Crowe Family

Teddy Roosevelt Bird Sanctuary Visit

Point kids (and parents!) enjoyed a visit from employees (and animals!) of the Teddy Roosevelt Bird Sanctuary. The event was sponsored by the Civic Assn and the Youth Ministry. 

Teddy Rosevelt Bird Sanctuary visit

Photo contributed by Frank Ryan

Point Firemen

Front row: Art Neppel, Walter Torpey, Joe Burkhart, John Guerin, 
Charles Nigel, John Hagstrom, Eddie Ritter
Back row: Dan McCauley, Bob Burkhart, Daniel Torpey, David Russel

Contributed by Walter Torpey

Lawrence Kreutzberg
with nieces & nephews
August 1999

Contributed by Lawrence Kreutzberg


Sarah Donahue

Contributed by Barb Fiorillo

Greg Goldberg

Contributed by Barb Fiorillo

Brendan Joseph McGrath

Contributed by Julie McTernan

Joey Goldberg

Contributed by Julie McTernan

The Dowling Triplets

Contributed by Julie McTernan

Mrs. McPhillips and Mrs. Engle 

Contributed by Barb Fiorillo

Tom Bauer

Contributed by Barb Fiorillo

Dotty Barna

Contributed by Barb Fiorillo

Rich Fisk, Tom Walsh, Tom Riley, John McHale

Contributed by Barb Fiorillo

Eileen Patterson

Contributed by Barb Fiorillo

Pete Barna

Contributed by Barb Fiorillo

Patrick Engle
of Bellmore, formerly of the Point, receives a citation for his heroic efforts while saving a choking classmate last year.  Patrick credits his Mom Judy for teaching him the Heimlich maneuver. 

J.R. Gibson 
of Inwood Ave. proudly displays his hammerhead this past summer caught with his Uncle Jim Dowling