Point Lookout, Long Island, New York, U.S.A.

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How When and Where

How, When, and Where?
Originally published in The Community Outlook, June 1954

We also ask why? This is the story we learn as we go to press. For some time a number of Point Lookouters found themselves having dinner on a particular night each week in a local restaurant. At first the usual greetings were exchanged between these people such as, "Good evening," "How are you tonight?" and so forth. As the weeks passed, these greetings blossomed into conversations until one night two of the tables were placed together to facilitate the conversations. Each succeeding week more tables were added to the original two until now it has taken on the appearance of a weekly banquet with the Mayor of Point Lookout presiding. Perhaps you know the story or are one of the participants. If not, all you need in order to be in the group is an appetite and a congenial personality.

When you eat, they all eat. When you pay, they all pay. It looks like a good deal. A friendly, neighborly spirit! Democracy at its finest and it just grew, like Topsy!