Point Lookout, Long Island, New York, U.S.A.

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Heritage Day 2003


Story by Don Kelly 
Photos contributed by Barb Fiorillo & Suzanne Parmell

Local residents packed Ye Olde Fire House on Sunday, October 19 to celebrate the Fire Police Company’s sponsored “ Heritage Day”. 

As part of the day, more than half of all Point Lookout residents signed the “Heritage Log” which permanently records their name as part of our town’s rich history. 

The event, with a great assist from the Civic Association’s Historical Committee, lead by Rosemary Dowling , Nan Newell, Claire Curtain and Jack McLoone , featured the dedication of two beautiful benches in memory of Walter Torpey

Many of his family attended and saluted Walter for his foresight in establishing both the Fire Police and Historical Committee Museums on this site.  All attendees were treated to an open house walk through of these rooms, which contain a treasure trove of Point Lookout’s history. 

Heritage Day ceremony also featured Ginny Laskas’ rendition of our National Anthem and Pastor Greg Kemper's (Community Church) inspiring invocation. 

Community Recognition Awards were presented to Audrey Brown and the family of Dr. Carl Wetheimer by Don Kelly , Fire Police “Historian”. 

Bob Main , Fire Police Lt., presented long time service awards to members of the original Point Lookout Volunteer Fire Company, Inc. This was our first fire department. It was formed at the behest of and funded by the Civic Association in 1931. The Civic Association and our  Fire Department have been Heritage Partners for 72 years.  All members honored joined the Fire Department over 50 years ago!!! Honorees included Robert L. Doxsee Jr , Victor Fucignas , John Guerin , Stanley Hoolahan, William King , John D. Mac Donald Jr., Ivar Malmstrom , James Q. Mazzei , Vincent Merola , Edward Wardle , Harold Wondsel , William Fanning Peter Zaccaria , Donald Byrne , Harvey Gertler , John B. Cullen*, John C Goldsmith, Philip Haslock, Paul D. Kelly, Bernard D Kennedy, Howard Meny, Gus Molzon,  John Ostendorf,  Vic Scutari and  Ted Wondsel. 

At the conclusion of the event, all were treated to delicious nautical refreshments of local clam chowder, baked clams, desert, coffee and soda. 

If you’d like to sign Point Lookout’s Heritage Log visit our “museums”. They are open on Sunday from 9:30 to 11am . If you can’t get to visit, sign up via email: POINTHERITAGE @aol.com or write Box 354 .

* John Cullen passed away on October 25

Danny Torpey with sisters Sharyn & Suzanne
accepted the plaque for their Dad - Walter Torpey

One of the benches in front of Ye Olde Fire House Community Hall 
dedicated to Walter Torpey


Don Kelly

Bob Main and Bob Doxsee

Marty Rowland

Jimmy Mazzei

Don Byrne

Guy Ball and Rosemary Dowling

Point Lookout Historical Society Room

Residents review the memorabilia in the Historical Room

Fire Police Historical Room