Point Lookout, Long Island, New York, U.S.A.

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Eileen Patterson's story
courtesy My Point Lookout.com

Truthfully speaking, I cannot share my number one favorite memory because it might incriminate others (ha ha). So I will gladly share #2. The memory that always comes to mind when I think about P.T. Lookout, which always makes me smile, are those times we all spent at the beach in the late afternoons.

I think we had about 20 chairs lined up in a row, and no one was in any hurry to leave. That's really a relaxing time, as there was always a cool breeze, and everyone was winding down from the day, or gearing up for the Saturday night (in town) ahead. Of course we all were teasing each other mercilessly with inside jokes and out and out insults (ha ha). And, of course, some of us got teased more than others (ME!).

Everyone rehashed the events of the previous night in town (The Bay House)--and no one was spared (no where to run, no where to hide)....... !!!!

Julie McGrath used to call me "Greta Garbo" because I would try to wear big sunglasses and hide behind my beach chair!!! What great times we all shared................